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Voluntarily giving time and money to organizations dedicated to bettering one’s community is a long-standing American tradition, noted by De Tocqueville in his survey of American life more than 200 years ago. Community foundations serve as a means for people to share their assets with generations to come. The Community Foundation of Johnson County enables individuals, families, businesses and non-profit organizations to establish lasting legacies, easily and effectively, while receiving maximum tax advantages. As with any tax-deductible consideration, please consult your tax adviser for the most current advice regarding deductibility of any gift(s) to the Community Foundation of Johnson County.

Create a New Fund

The Community Foundation of Johnson County will help contributors identify your giving goals, further a special field of interest or create a new fund.

Donors receive an annual letter disclosing the current balances in their fund(s). Additional fund information can be obtained by calling the Community Foundation office at 319-337-0483 during office hours.